Training program

2021 - 2022 academic year

In 2021 -2022 we offer a 7-month program starting at the end of 2021. It is focused on the formation of the Christian worldview and the acquisition of basic knowledge in various academic disciplines, which are necessary for effective ministry in the public sphere.

The training system includes one webinar and two video lectures per week, reading (with a test or written assignment) one book per month, and studying other content such as articles and educational videos.

Program. November 2020. Modules:

Christian mission in society /
Introduction to apologetics

The cultural commission of the church mission
Three doctrines on the relationship between church and society
The main disputes in apologetics
Apologetics in the era of postmodernism



Program. December 2020. Modules:

Worldview and ideology /
Introduction to the history

The role of worldview in human life and society
Ideologies of modernity (XVIII-XXI centuries)
The main processes of world history from the Christian perspective
Selected topics on the history of Ukraine and Belarus

Program. January 2021. Modules:

Challenges of the modernity /
Introduction to futurology

Analysis of cultural transformations in the 2nd half of the XX – early XXI centuries
Introduction to sociology
Selected questions on futurology



Program. February 2021. Modules:

The biblical model of society /
Introduction to political science

Challenges of society’s formation and state-building in Ukraine and Belarus
Analysis of the Western experience of building a civil society
Introduction to political science
Introduction to European studies

Program. March 2021. Modules:

Reformation and Christian cultural and social identity /
Introduction to church history

Selected topics on church history
Influence of the Reformation on the formation of Western civilization
Reformation in Ukraine and Belarus
Influence of historical memory on the development of identity



Program. April 2021. Modules:

The Christian model of leadership /
Introduction to philosophy and economics

The Christian model of leadership
Personal management
Selected topics on the history of philosophy
Introduction to economics

Program. May 2021. Modules:

Management of Christian projects /

Strategy and planning
Formation and functioning of the team
Fundraising and financial management
Project’s media dimension



After completing a 7-month course, students will receive certificates from Ostroh Academy.