Training system

Course structure, training schedule, certification


The purpose of the academy’s educational programs is to form leaders capable of implementing projects aimed at making public life more Christian-like, the leaders who are thinkers and doers at the same time, capable of intellectual and ideological analysis, and able to implement their knowledge within practical projects.

Most courses are multidisciplinary as lectures combine knowledge in philosophy, theology, history, political science, sociology, cultural studies, etc. and are taught from a Christian perspective.


We offer a 7-month program starting at the end of 2022. It is focused on the formation of the Christian worldview and the acquisition of basic knowledge in various academic disciplines, which are necessary for effective ministry in the public sphere.

The training system includes:

  • one webinar per week
  • two video lectures per week
  • reading (with a test or written assignment) one book per month
  • studying other content such as articles and educational videos.

We will hold one-day Saturday seminars on various topics and in different regions of Ukraine.
Also, there will be a 7-day leadership school in summer.

Planned launch of
Open Academy

03 . 11
3rd of November

COA program for the 2022-2023 academic year

Program details


At the end of the first year, it is planned to hold a two-day forum at Ostroh Academy in early June. Students who want to continue their studies next year (autumn 2022) choose one of the available networks and continue to acquire knowledge in the chosen field for the next 7 months. During the second year, the emphasis will be on practical project management skills.

Networks do not disintegrate after the end of the semester but continue to be a natural dynamic environment for like-minded people. It will facilitate further partnerships and synergies in various systematic Christian projects.

During the summer 2021, it is planned to launch a web platform for online learning, which will host a variety of courses and other materials to support educational projects of the Christian Academy. A tuition fee at COA will be required. Additionally, some of the courses will be paid on the web platform. However, the fee is largely intended as a gift donation which doesn’t cover the full cost of education.