Christian Open Academy (COA) is an educational project of evangelical communities from Ukraine and Belarus. It aims to spread a holistic biblical worldview in intellectual and social spheres while fostering humanistic knowledge. It utilizes networks of Christian leaders to implement practical projects that embody Christian values in different aspects of life.


The COA project is designed to provide answers to national and global challenges.

It focuses on the formation of Christian intelligentsia capable to disseminate academic paradigms of humanities that influence culture and national processes. The project should help the young local Evangelical Church, which is just beginning to form its own institutions for dialogue with society and not to follow the left-liberal path, but to lay strong foundations on the biblical worldview and traditional Christian values.


The ultimate goal of the COA program is to create local networks for Christians across different denominations, who systematically execute projects of Christian influence in society.

The formation of these networks is underpinned by education and interaction between active Christians. A key factor in shaping such networks is the training of leaders able to combine a holistic Biblical worldview, professionalism, and a Christian character.

The purpose of COA can be highlighted in three points:

Raising the level of knowledge and formation of a holistic biblical worldview in the public sphere among the Christians, as well as encourage motivation to carry out Christian mission in society.

Formation of a new kind of Christian ministers who would consciously bring to life their calling to carry Evangelical truth into the various spheres of public life in their respective professional fields (education, media, politics, art, etc.).

Helping pastors and Christian leaders to work with intellectuals and people involved in public life. Providing educational paradigms of humanities for pastors and church ministers


A key factor to the functioning of COA is cooperation and close partnership with Ostroh Academy – the oldest University in Eastern Europe as well as other conservative universities interested in supporting external educational programs.


The academic staff of Open Academy consists of teachers from American, Ukrainian, and Belarusian Christian universities. In particular, from Ostroh Academy and Spring Arbor University (Michigan). There will also be other well known Christian leaders from the West and Eastern Europe.

After completing a 7-month course, students will receive certificates signed by the National University Ostroh Academy.

Values of the COA. Our worldview paradigm

The project of the Christian Open Academy was initiated by the Eastern European Reformation ministry. The activity of the Eastern European Reformation Ministry, and hence of the Eastern European Leadership Forum, is based on a clear worldview paradigm, outlined in «10 Points of Biblical Worldview in the Public Square»:

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